Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jesse's 3rd BDay

Jesse, my nephew, is really into Dinosaurs so what better place to host his 3rd BDay then The Phoenix Zoo. What a great idea!

Proud Mommy Selina
& I were busy playing

Deric-T-Rex was on the hunt for
BDay cake.

LiAnna, my niece, showing off her creative side at the arts & crafts corner.

Jesse's "Oooo" face is due to the Fortune Cookies Grandpa laced the inside of his gift.
My Daddy, he cracks me up LOL.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Deric's 1st Super Bowl themed Birthday

We decided to officially have his 1st BDay party the day the Cardinals made it to their 1st Super Bowl.

My friend Claudia makes the most delicioso cakes. This 3tier of yummy goodness was so light & moist. Each tier was a different fruit filled flavor. Oh, & how could I forgit the decor. There were little football rings, Super Bowl rings, the cake top doubles as a keepsake magnet. You may contact Claudia at

Born & raised in AZ, we naturally were rooting for the Cardinals. So why a Steelers pinata? This was great symbolic idea by Eric's creative mind. Our aspirations for the Cards to win Superbowl XLIII by beating the Steelers just as the children beat the pinata. I thought this was a great idea. After the game I now see they should be named the "STEALers."

Thank you everyone for the gifts & for coming out to help make this day so special.

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