Monday, April 20, 2009

Lady's Man (already)

Deric has never met these girls in his life, with the exception of his cousin LiAnna on the top of the with pig tails. He actually sat himself on this girls lap like if she were Santa Clause. Too cute!

How to live to be 100

Let's add to the longevity of our lifes with simple lifestyle changes.

              1. Marrage adds (5 yrs married /men 8-10)
              2. Floss (adds 6 yrs)
              3. Live in the mountains (due to low o2 levels)
              4. Play mental excersize
              5. Do not retire early
              6. Excersize (walk 30 min's daily)
              7. Have at least 1 child in your life
              8. 1 glass of Red Wine per day (reduces colesterol)
              9. Eat Cold water Fish
              10. Eat Blue Berries (#1 in Antioxidents)
              11. Eat Vitamine C (Broccoli, Strawberries adds 6yrs)
              12. Fiber (reduces 20-30% chances of getting Breast Cancer)

              Sunday, April 19, 2009

              Princess LiAnna's B-Day

              My Niece, Princess LiAnna, had a fairy tale birthday. My sister rented a "Jumpy-Jumpy". The biggest hit of the day was the Snow White Snow Cone machine with all the kiddos (& even the adults).

              In this photo, Deric is eye-balling Baby Jesse's snow cone.
              Jesse is soo mindful & sweet toward his cousin Deric & says,
              "No baby, its too cold for you." LOL!

              Saturday, April 18, 2009

              Corona del Sol Class of '09 Prom

              I can not believe my niece is 18 years old & going to her Senior prom.
              CC's up-do was soo fitting to her dress. The flower correctly placed on the left side (symbolic-just as a wedding ring) meaning she is in a relationship &/or taken.

              CC looked stunning in this Vintage inspired Spanish style gown.
              I was admiring her itty-bitty waist line.... Ahhh, to be a teenager.... and more importantly, to have an 18 year old body again. Now, where did I leave that time machine.

              Eagerly embraced by the BF Seth.

              BJ's 15th Birthday

              We helped celebrate my friend Elisa's son BJ's 15th Birthday at South Mountain today. I tried to take a photo of him but this is the best I could do (he's a little camera shy). He is along side his Uncle Mario who was home for a couple of weeks after graduating boot camp.

              Lisa was kind enough
              to provide a Pinata 4
              the kiddos, & this is Deric's
              1st attempt at some candy.

              Deric made a new friend with Michael's son.

              Deric was pretty beat towards the
              end of the day &
              was ready to go

              Saturday, April 11, 2009

              Jeremy & Maria's Wedding

              Jeremy eagerly awaiting his bride along side Best man Drew. Like Eric, long time friend Jeremy has moved from San Diego to Arizona.

              Although rain was forcased & actually drizzled for most of the morning & early afternoon, it did not ruin this day. The nuptials were scheduled for 5PM & as you can see from this picture, was as clear as could be.

              It is so great that even after high school, these group of friends always make time to support one another no matter the geographics.

              Friday, April 10, 2009

              A visit to the Doctor

              We took Deric in for his check up & vaccination. I usually take a blanket due to the chilly temperatures in the Dr's office but I forgot so I put a
              hoodie on him. The Dr said, "Oh my, look at you Deric, u look so cool in your hoodie." LOL!

              I thought, look its chilly in ur freakin office lady, where you require children to wait for you naked. Any who, Deric was not very happy about the whole situation.

              Deric has been at the top 97% for height, weight, & head circumference for babies his age since birth (PS- he was born 1month early). At his 12month check up he exceeded the 100% & I quote from the Dr, "Wow, he is off the charts!" This had never been a problem til now, the Dr is concerned about his rapid growth.

              She said he could have a brain tumor pushing down on growth hormone causing rapid growth. She would like to speak to a Specialist at the Children's Hospital before referring us. She contacted us the next day to say the Specialist said, "If Dad is tall, & Mom is tall, more than likely, baby is going to be tall." That was one of those duh moments but, better safe than sorry.

              Tuesday, April 7, 2009

              Why (ASL) sign language for baby is so important

              People ask why is it that I chose to introduce sign language to my child with perfect hearing. Statistically, Scientific studies suggest that "typical" children who learn to sign:

              • have higher IQ scores
              • are better adjusted
              • read at an earlier age

              Even after explaining the benefits of signing with babies, some folks worry that signing might delay their babies' speach. Rest assured, research has repeatedly proven that signing children actually begin to speak earlier & speak more often than their non-signing counterparts.

              While sign language is beneficial for every child, I was touched when a mother of a beautiful daughter who is profoundly deaf, confesses a more personal goal. She says, "My hope is that everyone will know a little sign, just as most people know a little Spanish - so when your child sees my child at the park, there would be no awkwardness, no communication barrier, just three signs... "Hi ... friend ... play'... that is all it would take to change her world."

              Monday, April 6, 2009

              Deric's vocabulary at 15 months

              1. Momma
              2. Dad
              3. No, no, no
              4. Papa (Food/spanish)
              5. Tee-tee (Bottle/spanish)
              6. Hi
              7. Bye-Bye
              8. Yeaaaaaaa
              9. I did it
              10. Nah-Nah (Blanket)

              Sign Language

              1. No
              2. Eat
              3. Milk/Bottle
              4. Bye
              5. Poop
              6. Star
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