Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anniversary of Life

As a child, or young adult, we all could not wait for birthdays.  One year older, one step closer to independence, drivers licence, gradjuation, etc.  Then one day we ask, where has the time gone? 

My mother does not celebrate birthdays.  In fact, I think she has been 35 for about 35 years LOL.  So we decided to meet up for a nice meal and enjoy one anothers company and celebrate my mothers "Aniversary of Life".  I figured, if she no longer has birthday but she does celebrate aniversaries, why not celebrate her Aniversary of Life.  I'm thinking I may just start celebrating my own "Aniversary of Life" myself here in a few years.  Here are some photos.

Oh and I could not resist snapping a shot of this.  The monkey never did have a shot against this dinner roll.

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