Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tyler's 14th Birthday

We spent Sunday afternoon at Dave & Buster's for our nephew Tyler's 14th Birthday.  Of course, Eric forgot to tell me about the party until Saturday, 1 day before the party.  So, there we go circling the entire mall with a bunch of "maybe" gifts but, no gift which totally read "the one".  Until finally, almost the very last store we visited we found these slippers, and they were in his fav "Charger" blue and gold.  Nedless to say, he was very happy with them. 

The funniest part of the story was when Tyler and his friends said, "Oh wow, you got Michael Jacksons!"  LOL!  The adults could not help but giggle at the fact that these Nike shoes are Michael Jordans.  Wow, this made me feel really old.

After lunch, we went to the gaming area and Deric had a blast.  He ran around and just took everything in. 

We had a great day but, unfortunately ended in tears.  Those terrible (pre) 2's kicked in and Deric did not want to leave.  He got over it pretty quickly as we walked around Tempe Market Place and he was asleep within the hour.

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