Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cart Caddy

Becca made this , in her own words, out of absolute frustration and insanity prevention ! Last week while shopping, I was so fed up with losing my coupons, having to pry the slobbery remains of a coupon out of my babies mouth and simply not having enough hands while I shop! My shopping excursions are a mess!!!! If you were ever to see me shopping with three kids in tow you'd most likely find two out of three of 'em crying and the other covered in chocolate chip bribery!Well...Problem solved!!!! (at least the coupon part of my problem! Let me know if you have a wondersolution for the kid melt downs!)I came home to create this Coupon Catch all for my Shopping cart!It has two pockets! One to hold my Coupon Organizer and one to store the coupons I will be redeeming! And if you're not a coupon shopper it's the perfect little helper to hold your bottled water, emergency candy bar you opened 15 min. into your visit and cell phone while you graze aisle after aisle! Visit Becca's page at a chance to win this awesome giveaway.

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