Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Son's Winnie the Pooh Bathroom

I wanted to create a fun, playful bathroom wonderland. Something functional but more importantly, something that my child enjoy and spark imagination. I also wanted something unisex, and I think that is what I was able to capture with the assistance of our ol' pal Pooh.

Deric has a "Jack & Jill" bathroom, and this is the view as your coming in from the main entrance.


I wanted to mix classic "adult" pieces with fun plastic ones. This shelf was purple. At 1st I thought, perfect! Then once I saw it up, it just wasn't right. So I decided to pull the Espresso color from all the fixtures, on to this shelves and Pooh Picture frames by the toilet so a little spray paint did the trick. Did you notice the pictures by the toilet are at child eye level. Yes, we did that purposely.

Wash cloth holder.

I normally would never opted for a plastic shower curtain however, this one is so colorful and vibrant, it just works perfectly. After all, I am going for a fun room.
We wanted to place the towel/robe hook at child level, it works perfectly.

This laundry basket, I've had for yeeeears. I actually thought of donating it due to the color. Really, Hunter green does nothing for me... until this project. I wouldn't have any other way.
How perfect is this Dixie Cup dispenser? And the best part was $1.00 price tag at a neighbor's yard sale.
This is the faucet. Tigger is hot water and Eeyore is cold. Their little bodies swivel in circles to turn the water on and off. Pooh is taking a honey break under a big shady tree. Piglet is at the top of the tree holding a water pail in the downwards position. This is where the water dispenses from.

The original vanity top was a boring white so, we took a little trip to Restore, and found this vanity top for $50 bucks. What a bargain!




  1. Debbie, I was looking for an idea online for boy's bathroom decor and found yours. I absolutely love your baby's bathroom. Please share, where did you find the shower curtain? I can't locate one with the Tigger anywhere. I will get back to read your answer. Thank you!

  2. I as well am looking to do my sons bathroom in the same theme. He loves Tigger and I just can't find anything anywhere. So if you could please share.

  3. Real good i haven't seen this type of baby's bathroom before.Thanks for sharing.I also try that idea.Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower


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