Friday, August 28, 2009

Declutter me beautiful

A decluttered worktop gives the implication of a tidy kitchen so get to decluttering. Remove all items that are not used regularly such as juicers, rice cookers etc. The amount of space this creates gives the illusion of a bigger kitchen and creates more space for food prep.

When is the last time you decluttered your kitchen?
After I decluttered, I grouped several items which were scattered through out the kitchen counters, and placed them on a platter. Our kitchen is so much more functional and still has a decorative flaire.
Be creative! These everyday cooking utensiles stored in a big drawer. I found myself scurring around to find exactly what I needed. I found it more efficient to my cooking lifestyle to have them visible. I worked with what I had, and placed them in this vase. It gives a touch of eligance to the kitchen.

I wish I had taken a before picture so i had to zoom in on another picture taken in the kitchen lol but you get the drift.


  1. Very cute! I like to use trays to group things. They're easy to move but look nice.


  2. Cute, visiting from MBC and am now following!

  3. Great post! You really made me think about decluttering ,my kitchen.. it sure looks small to me now...

    Following fromMBC

    Come and check my blog... full of baby ideas..

  4. Debbie, I was looking for an idea online for boy's bathroom decor and found yours. I absolutely love your baby's bathroom. Please share, where did you find the shower curtain? I can't locate one with the Tigger anywhere. I will get back to read your answer. Thank you!


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